Thursday, 5 April 2012

Art in Garden Design and Bandicoots that Toot!

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Wildlife in Focus:Long Nosed Bandicoots. The reason that bandicoots dig holes in your lawn, is not because it’s being destructive, but because you’ve got grubs in your lawn and he’s getting rid of them for you. Think of the bandicoot as your pest controller. Yes, temporarily, you’ll have holes in your lawn, but you can fill them in with a bit of top dressing and the lawn will recover. Hear all about them with Kurtis Lindsay.
Vegetable Heroes: The answer to the question which vegetable has more vitamin C than an orange? Broccoli, Brassica oleracea var Italica .
  Broccoli heads are actually groups of buds that are almost ready to flower; each group of buds is called a floret.     Broccoli can be sown now in all but the hottest and coldest of climates, but does need a cool winter to get to maturity. Temperate and cool climates suit Broccoli best with a temperature range of 150C to 250C.  The ideal time for cool temperate districts has just past, but maybe you can squeeze a few seedlings in a see how you go. However  Autumn is ideal for arid, temperate and sub tropical districts.
Sow the seeds 1.5 cm deep directly into the garden or in punnets.
Broccoli is not too choosy about the site it grows in but prefers to be in full sun, but will tolerate partial shade with no problems. Although, growing in too much shade will reduce the size of the Broccoli head.
The ideal soil is reasonably heavy (not pure clay) which is rich in nutrients and has been well-dug.  A light soil can be improved by the addition of compost.
 Adding blood and bone to sandy or a heavier soil which is not too rich in nutrients will also help.
Pick broccoli heads when they are still compact, and before the buds loosen, open into flowers, or turn yellow. It will be about 70-90 days or 2 ½ -3 months, when your Broccoli will be ready if you plant it now.
Design Elements: Since the beginning of civilization, cultures have incorporated art into their outdoor environment for spiritual or religious reasons.
Today’s gardeners are no different, using fine art and funny stuff in the home landscape — think stone carvings, birdbaths, bottletrees, gazing globes and painted metal sculpture. What else? Hear Lesley Simpson garden designer discuss walls in Art in Garden Design series.

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Plant of the Week:Banksia spinulosa "Cherry Candles." Low growing sub-shrub to 50 cmm height. Phosphorous sensitive native, but nectar feeding bird attractant. Tall spikes of cherry red or ruby pollen presenters appear from late summer until winter.
Frost tolerance:  Medium , down to -30C. Will die in heavy frost. So grow it under taller shrubs to protect it from those types of frost.
For more information visit the breeders site  -
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