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Perfumed Flowers and Orchids


Perfumed and Non-Perfumed Flowers

Why do some flowers have scent and others not?
It's all about pollination because scent is a signal that directs pollinators to a particular flower whose nectar and/or pollen is the reward.

Volatile oils are emitted from flowers can have either slight scent or strong scent depending on how far away the plant needs to attract its visitors.
  • Those plants that  are pollinated by bees and flies have sweet scents, whereas those pollinated by beetles have strong musty, spicy, or fruity odours.
Perfumers have never been able to exactly match perfumed their scents to the complex scents that flowers exude.
But floral volatile oils are essential in allowing insects to discriminate among plant species and even among individual flowers of a single species. 
For example, closely related plant species that rely on different types of insects for pollination produce different odours.
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Mercede's list of favourite perfumed flowers are:

Ms Carnation:Ms Rose
Mr Hyacinth:Ms Lavender
Mr Freesia: Ms Lilac
Mr Tuber Rose: Mr Lily of the Valley
Ms Stock: Ms Jasmine: Mr Belladonna Lily
Ms Bouvardia

Orchid Cut Flowers

Potted plants:
Like other orchid species, humidity is important for the best growth.
  •  a small tray of rocks or pebbles should be used for potted plants
Water should be added to keep the pebbles covered at all times.
 Damp soil is important during peak growing and blooming seasons.
A good orchid potting bark that retains some moisture should be used. 
  • Daily misting should be used to increase humidity.
  • Several hours of indirect light is best for live plants. Direct light can cause leaves and flowers to scorch on the edges. A warm windowsill with lots of indirect light can be the best spot.
  •  Fertilizers may be used to produce better blooms for many species.Care should be taken to avoid overusing fertilizers for potted plants.Overuse can lead to stunted plant growth or scorching of the leaves.
Cut Flowers
  • Dunk in a bucket of water for 15 minutes.
  • Cut the stem straight across
  • Mist the flowers daily with filtered or "burped water."

I'm talking with Mercedes Sarmini of

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