Thursday, 21 May 2020

Native Fuchsias and Make Those Flowers Last


Correa species
Plants with bell shaped flowers are pretty much sought after by gardeners because the flowers are unusual and add an extra dimension to the floral palette.
The good old fashioned fuchsia is however not easy for gardeners to grow in some districts so what can you do?
Correa alba
Turn to the native equivalent, which is much more hardy and suited to a variety of climates.
Let’s find out more.
I'm talking with Adrian O’Malley, horticulturist and native plant expert.

Distribution: mainly eastern Australia
Flower: C. reflexa has the tips of the joined petals, turned back with eight stamens that stick out. May to November is the main flowering time with spot flowering in between.
Location: Light shade with moisture: suitable for under trees.
  • Notes: They may not last forever in your garden, but will brighten up the cooler months.
  • They like dry shade but do better with a bit of a drink, especially as they have fine shallow roots. Mulching with help retain moisture.
  • If they grow leggy, give them a light prune.
Adrian and I focussed on four species of correa:
  • Correa, reflexa,
  • Correa pulchella, wide colour range from pale red, pink and orange that flower in autumn and winter.
    Correa bauerlenii: Chef's cap Correa
  • Correa alba with whitish flowers and tomentose leaves
  • Correa bauerlenii.tends to be limey green scented flowers.


How to Make Your Flowers Last Longer.
I'm talking with Mercedes Sarmini

Basics: Mercedes' definition of cut flowers to help you with how to treat them. 
Mercedes, classifies them not by their sexual reproduction organs by into two categories, seed grown or grown from a bulb, corm, rhizome or tuber.
  • Male Cut flowers: grow from a bulb, corm, rhizome or tuber.
  • Female cut flowers: grow from seed.
  • Male cut flowers: stems are cut straight across.
  • Female cut flowers: stems are cut on an angle.

How Much Water Do I Put into the Vase?

Mr Tulip: Mr Hyacinth: Orchids: shallow water only.
Miss Sunflower: Miss Gerbera: shallow water only.
  • Change the water daily-use only filtered water or water that has been standing for 4 hours.
Flower food:change the water on the third day. 
Not all cut flowers like flower food-anything native, woody stem cut flowers.
  • Mist your flowers daily for orchids with only filtered water.
  • Cut your flowers when early morning or evening when starch is at it's highest within the stem.

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